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Description of the training
Ignite your curiosity and discover the fascinating properties and behaviours of plastics, bioplastics, and natural polymers with science experiments that you can recreate at home. Experiencing science in an informal and extracurricular setting is known to increase chilren’s interest and confidence in pursuing science. Science workshops allow children, and people of all ages, to indulge their natural curiosity, and enjoy the opportunity to experiment and discover science in a fun and creative way. My workshops are designed to encourage a desire to explore the world around us and nature by providing tools and inspiration to explore concepts, materials to invent, and the freedom to imagine and design. Workshops are based around particular topics (e.g., fluid dynamics, non-Newtonian behavior, perpetual motion). While activities and ideas are provided and demonstrated, there are no strict protocols, so participants can discover and follow what piques their interest.
Objectives and skills to acquire
Watching children discover the world around them, I realized that – as adults – our thought process is very often determined by how we are told we « should » think, creativity is limited by a planned outcome, and experiments are restricted by taught methods and theories. It can be difficult to change these ingrained thought processes and to avoid imposing these on children that we work with. My workshops aim to allow adults to find new ways to explore materials, concepts, and ideas, for their own enjoyment and to show them ways that they can use these approaches to guide children.
Biochemist, Molecular Biologist