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Description of the course:
· Communication patterns and communication disorders
· Perception and interpretation
· Values and valuations
· The 4-Ear Model
· Basic principles of communication (Schulz von Tun and Paul Watzlawick)
· Areas of responsibility in life
· Self-empathy and empathy
· 4 steps of non-violent communication
· Basis of conflicts: needs
· Difference between need and strategy
· Difference between request and demand
· Regretting and learning from it/ expressing regret to others
· Appreciation and gratitude for oneself and others
· Completion and integration into everyday life
 Objectives and skills to be developed:
· Recognize and improve your own communication
· Learning to communicate efficiently and authentically without hurting the other person
· To get to know communication channels in order to be able to communicate across all hierarchical levels in an appreciative way
· Learn to use this form of communication for conflict resolution
SCHMITT Claudine
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SCHMITT Claudine