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This course is the second part of the basic training of the Mérite Jeunesse Foundation (non formal education structure). Once you have completed this training, you are equipped to asess and supervise the Adventurous Journey Section of the Award in Luxembourg.

The supervisor plans and prepares the outdoor journey of 2 to 4 days together with their participants. The assessor is responsible to ensure that the team of participants fulfils the 16 requirements of an Adventurous Journey.

During the Adventurous Journey, the assessor and the supervisor are close to the area of the journey. They contact the group of the participants at least once a day and are checking on them to facilitate their successful completion of their Adventurous Journey. At the end of each day and once the entire journey is completed, the assessor should debrief the team of participants.


– Theory

– Practical exercises

– Reflection and group activities

– Discussion and exchange of experiences

– Preparation of a mini expedition, faciliating practical experience of being participant, supervisor and assessor


Knowledge: To gain knowledge about the philiosophy, principles and tenets of the Adventurous Journey Section, as well as the different roles for adults in the Award.

Skills: One learns to plan an Adventurous Journey together with the youngsters, and to prepare them specifically for this outdoor activity of 2 to 4 days. The training also covers the supervision and assessment during the expedition, as well as the debriefing and follow-up.

Attitude: A constructive and appreciative communication should be forested with all participants.


Nicola Laurent

Hayley Montague